GE Construction, Inc.

Yorba Linda, CA

GE Construction Company a full-service General Contractor serving the Southern United States with affiliates in Florida, Ohio, Michigan, and Massachusetts.

Goal: Setup Accounting & Office Management practices in California & Florida, and maintain daily activities, A/P & A/R, Human Resources, proposals, AIA Contracts, liens, and collections for commercial general contractor.

  • Brought into organization to set up homebased business to a formal business office, revamp accounting structure and add job costing strategy.
  • Implemented an entire information management system and provided real time, up- to-date accounting information within 3 months. 
  • Obtained all state, federal and local authorizations to set up and open a new business office in the state of Florida within 3 months. 
  • Reviewed and managed all contract vendor relationships, reducing the amount of over billing and ensured that all costs were attributed to the appropriate job number.

Accomplishment Achieved: Saved company thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours.