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Sales Transactions in QuickBooks Online: An Overview

Your first transaction in QuickBooks Online was probably an invoice. But there are many others that you’ll want to know how to use especially if you are a Construction Company or a company that needs to bill it's clients for services that you sell.

You probably process more invoices than any other kind of sales transaction in QuickBooks Online. And it’s usually with a great deal of satisfaction that you create these forms, since it means that you’ll be getting paid for providing services or selling products.

Managing Users in QuickBooks Online

Unless you’re the sole user of QuickBooks Online in your company, you’ll need to know how to set up different access levels.

“Anytime, anywhere access” is one of the buzz-phrases people use when they describe the benefits of cloud computing. It’s probably one of the most compelling reasons why businesses subscribe to QBO. That, and the fact that you can have multiple employees working on it: three for Online Essentials and five for Online Plus (in addition to an accountant for each).

Customize QuickBooks’ Reports, Make Better Business Decisions

QuickBooks simplifies and speeds up your daily accounting work, but you’re missing out on valuable insight if you don’t tailor your report data for your Construction or Manufacturing business.

A Tour through QuickBooks' Payroll Setup Tool

Getting QuickBooks ready to process payroll is a complex, time-consuming process. Here’s what you can expect.
Payday. You look forward to it when you’re young and working at your first part-time job.

But as a grown-up who needs to start processing payroll for your employees, you probably anticipate it in a different way, perhaps even with a sense of dread. QuickBooks handles the real grunt work once you’ve done the initial setup, but those early hours you spend preparing to print your first paycheck can be challenging.

Use Items to Improve Job Costing in QuickBooks

WIP Construction AccountingConstruction and Project Related Job Costing Starts with a simple item and for many contractors job costing is a key part of the success of their construction business – how else would they know if they are actually going to make a profit or break even on the jobs they are bidding on?

5 Ways You Can Use QuickBooks Income Tracker

The Income Tracker is one of QuickBooks’ more innovative features. If you’re not using it, you should be.

One of the reasons that QuickBooks appeals to millions of small businesses especially General Contractors in the Construction Industry is because it offers multiple ways to complete the same tasks, which accommodates different work styles. Say, for example, you wanted to look up a specific invoice. You could:

QuickBooks How To Reset Lost or Forgotten Password

Recently had a QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS) retail client who had an issue with an employee leaving company before Owner could obtain necessary information, employee departed abruptly; for she just quit and discarded necessary passwords to companies accounting system upon leaving.

Construction Owners: See What's New in QuickBooks Enterprise 2014

We all know every new version of QuickBooks adds new features, and QuickBooks 2014 is no different. In addition to some usability improvements that will benefit our Inland Empire QuickBooks users, Intuit enhanced its capabilities for the construction industry.  HELLO Construction Owners, Subcontractors, and Project Managers this version should be calling YOU!  The job costing and reporting functions are more powerful than EVER!!.  

How-to Customize a Report – One Employee for All Jobs Worked in QuickBooks

Customizing reports in QuickBooks is often a huge source of frustration for users. Source Name is only available in certain QuickBooks Reports – which I agree can be quite frustrating, to say the least.  If you are going insane with the lack of source name available for filter and only  want to specifically target ONE employee for ALL jobs worked in a particular time period to the following:

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