2013 New Guidelines for Mailing Tax Documents to the IRS or FTB

The IRS updated the guidelines for mailing tax returns and other tax-related documents.  If a tax return or other tax-related document is not mailed through the U.S. mail or qualifying PDS (Private Delivery Service), it must be received by the IRS or other tax-related agency by the deadline in order to be timely.  PDSs cannot deliver to post office box addresses at IRS centers. 

While three carriers are treated as qualifying PDSs, only specific services offered by each PDS qualify. The services that are "qualified" by the IRS are:  FedEx, UPS & DHL.

Please be sure you avoid penalties and send in your tax returns or tax-related documents according to the above guidelines.  If you have any questions about filing your tax return please call Lance, Soll and Lunghard, LLP at 714-672-0022.